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Laser Distance Measuring Device LMC-J-0310-X

Laser sensor LMC-J-0310-X is reflector less, fast and precisely detecting distances to any backscattering surfaces. The system works on basis of electro-optical Time of Flight (TOF) Technology. Therefore it is especially designed for large measuring distances and the usage under very harsh environmental conditions in heavy industries.  

The laser is measuring distances up to 3,000 m. Up to 300 m it is detecting on natural, diffusely reflecting measuring objects, dependent on the degree of reflection of the target surface. LMC-J-00310 realizes fast, defector less and accurate length measurementsAll parameters of the measuring device will be settled via the interfaces RS 232 or RS 422. The system is operating via other interfaces such as Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP or SSI as well. Very short measuring times – up to 2 kHz parametrized via RS-interface – allows distance measurements to and from moving objects without a problem.

Installation and setting up of LMC-J-0310-X is very easy. An integrated red dot sight managed the adjustment of the laser within pinpoint accuracy. Optional a special adjusting device for large distances can be delivered. Furthermore there are the functions of a free programable Trigger input and output, two switching outputs with free selectable thresholds, such as for warning in case of a collision.

On the back panel of the measuring device LED´s are showing information about the operating state. On special request, laser sensor LMC-J-310-X can be delievered with a divergence of 10 mrd as well as with a measuring rate of 10 kHz.


Features of distance measuring device LMC-J-310-X:

  • Laser class 1 (EN 60825-1:2003-10)
    • Protection class IP 67
    • Wave length 904 nm
    • Pilotlaser class 2, ≤ 1 mW
  • Range of operating temperature -40 °C ... +60 °C
  • Heating serially integrated
  • Compact design:
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 136 x 57 x 104 mm
    • Weight: app. 0.8 kg, related to the configuration
  • Housing made of Aluminium, EMV referring to 2004 / 108/ EG
  • Power supply 10 … 30 VDC
  • Power consumption < 5W, with heating 11.5 W

Technical data of the laser system LMC-J-310-X:

 Measuring data:

  • Measuring range is defined from 0.5 … 3000 m with reflector and 0.5 ... 400 m without reflector
  • Laser divergence is 1-7 mrd, optional 10 mrd
  • Diameter of laser beam in a distance of 300 m is 23 x 78 mm
  • Measuring accuracy at 100 Hz is +/- 20 mm, at 2,000 Hz +/- 60 mm
  • Statistical scattering is +/- 1 cm
  • Resolution of measuring value is 1 mm
  • Measuring times from 0.5 ... 1,000 ms, optional 0.1 ms possible

Connections of the laser device LMC-J-310-X:

  • Connecting can be managed with 1 x 12 pin (Binder Series 723) M18 or 2 x 5 in (Binder Series 766) M12
  • B-encoded
  • Serial interfaces RS 422 or RS 232
  • BR 1.2 … 460.8 kBaud (9.6 kB standard justification); analog output 4 mA ... 20 mA
  • Alarm output 2x „High-Side-Switch“ resistant up to 0.2 A, with window function
  • Trigger 1x in/output up to 30 VDC, shoulder and delay are variable
  • Optional: Profibus (DP-V0 Slave IEC 61158/61784) or SSI 24 bit gray-encoded, 1 validity bit

Options for LMC-J-310-X:

Protective housings for LMC-J-0310-X

For series LMC-J-0310-X we are offering a robust protective housing with integrated rib system for very harsh environmental conditions. Therefore dust deposits on laser optics can be nearly prohibited.

The housing consists of a holding device, adjusted in x and y direction and therefore absorb vibrations and shocks. A protection cab prevents mechanical damage on the device.

Optionally, the housing can be equipped with an electronic cooling system via Peltier cooling. This cooling system enables the usage of the sensors on places, no air cooling nor water cooling is present. With cooling, the system can operate in a temperature range up to + 85 °C.

 Staubschutzgehäuse für das LMC-J-0310-X  Dust protective housing with cooling system 


Wetterschutzgehäuse für das LMC-J-0310-XProtective housing against harsh weather


Gehäuse mit Kühlsystem für das LMC-J-0310-X Housing with cooling

Option: Holder for LMC-J-0310-X

Halterungseinrichtung für das LMC-J-0310-X Holding device