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Options for LMC-J-310-X:

Protective housings for LMC-J-0310-X

For series LMC-J-0310-X we are offering a robust protective housing with integrated rib system for very harsh environmental conditions. Therefore dust deposits on laser optics can be nearly prohibited.

The housing consists of a holding device, adjusted in x and y direction and therefore absorb vibrations and shocks. A protection cab prevents mechanical damage on the device.

Optionally, the housing can be equipped with an electronic cooling system via Peltier cooling. This cooling system enables the usage of the sensors on places, no air cooling nor water cooling is present. With cooling, the system can operate in a temperature range up to + 85 °C.

 Staubschutzgehäuse für das LMC-J-0310-X  Dust protective housing with cooling system 


Wetterschutzgehäuse für das LMC-J-0310-XProtective housing against harsh weather


Gehäuse mit Kühlsystem für das LMC-J-0310-X Housing with cooling

Option: Holder for LMC-J-0310-X

Halterungseinrichtung für das LMC-J-0310-X Holding device