AAA-LUX - World Leader in Large Area LED Flood Lightning!

Kempf GmbH & Co. KG operates as distributor for Germany of AAA-LUX

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AAA-LUX aus den Niederlanden ist Weltführer in Sachen LED Großflächenbeleuchtung

The headquarter of AAA-LUX is situated in Eindhoven, Netherlands. There, an innovative team of engineers and consultants are constantly developing new solutions of flood lightning. Eindhoven is well known as ‘the cradle of modern illumination’ and therefore is home to many technology-based companies. For more than 120 years the industry in Eindhoven is presenting ‘the light on the end of the tunnel’ to the world. By introducing the new intelligent LED lighting to the market in 2005, AAA-LUX has been setting new standards for for lighting concepts for industrial used large areas.

LED floodlight systems for industrial used large areas and sports facilities

Logo des Württembergischen Fußballverbandes e.V.AAA-LUX offers the highest standards for dynamic LED flood lighting of sports areas. The color reproduction is very high and and has a color temperature that matches that of daylight. The illumination is incredible and the high degree of contrast rendition increases the performance of the athletes. It enables them to act and to react faster and more accurate. Customized systems can be configured for all kinds of sports such as football grounds, hockey or tennis  courts and so on.

LED flood lights of AAA-LUX are reproducing the original colors. Therefore industrial used areas can be illuminated with the required quality of light. These premium LED flood light systems increases the employees` security and productivity. Worldwide, the LED flood lights by AAA-LUX are operating at air ports, large parking spots or industrial areas such as steel mills, ports or railway properties.