ProfilIST - Highly Accurate System for Measuring Length

The measuring system is used for determining length of tubes, rods and profiles within millimeter precision during running processes. The wall thickness should be ≥ 8 mm, the maximum object length can be up to 40 meters. The accuracy of tolerance is constantly < 2 mm over the whole measuring range. The measured value output is visualized on a large display, while simultaneous data transmission of measured values ​​via EtherNet (TCP/IP).

System layout of  ProfilIST measuring system

System design of ProfilIST:

  • 2 laser sensors with Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Housing in industrial PC, operating via touch screen, Multi Switch, buffered voltage supply 24 VDC
  • Large display


  • Easy to use software
  • User-friendly interface handled via touch screen
  • Reduction of inputs on one calibration, routine processes are running in background
  • Archiving the last 5 measured values
  • Optional: transfer of data via Ethernet TCP/IP to a higher-leveled computer

Application example of ProfilIST measuring system for detecting length of tubes

Function of ProfilIST:

  • Detecting distances
  • Transmission of the measured distance values ​​to PC, calculating the actual length in real time
  • Transfer of measured data to large display, forwarding data to the control station
  • Shows the last 5 measured values ​​on the display


  • One-shot calibration for reference of both sensors by using a test item

Considering the influence of environmental factors such as,

  • High ambient temperatures
  • Material temperatures up to 1,450 °C
  • Dirt, dust
  • Vibrations, shocks
  • Different material surfaces