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Laser Doppler Sensor LMC-L-XXXX-XXX / LMC-LB-XXXX-XXX 

High accurate, contact less measurements of length and speed - the fastest and state-of-the-art laser on the market

Laser doppler sensors of the LMC-L-XXXX-XXX / LMC-LB-XXXX-XXX series are used for detecting length and speed, controlling synchronized processes and for securing quality during several production processes.

The Laser-Doppler-Technology is detecting und evaluating diffuse light on moving materials. Therefore this technology offers many advantages for controlling ongoing production processes of continuous material.  Because of the non-contact measurement, there are no typical fault sources, such as mechanical slip or abrasion. Based on the very high update rate of 0.04 ms, detected materials will be recognized in real time and highly accurate measured. Detecting can be managed on all diffusely reflecting surfaces up to 1,300 °C temperature on the surface.

Laser Doppler MesssystemThe sensors are characterized by their compact design, a long lifetime and their easy use. The adapters and protective housings allow an easy and safe installation of the sensors at the production lines. The sensors work reliable under harsh environmental conditions.

The sensors of LMC-L-/LB series can show the detected values on a simple display. Moreover the sensors can be integrated easy in control systems with the help of standard interfaces.


Features of the LMC-L-XXXX-XXX / LMC-LB-XXXX-XXX:

  • Contact less measurement without slip nor marking
  • No moving parts means no abrasion
  • Designed for very harsh environmental conditions in heavy industries
  • Easy to integrate via up-to-date interface or PC
  • Permanent-calibration provided with UKAS-Certificate
  • No maintenance, guarantees low costs
  • Compact design:
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 230 x 130 x 75 mm
    • Weight: 3 kg
    • Protection class IP 67
  • For temperature range from  0 ... 45 °C (with cooling up to +120 °C)
  • Power supply 15 ... 25 VDC; 20 W
  • Material recognition in real time
  • Stand Off area 150 - 2,500 mm
  • Depth of field  25 - 120 mm

Technical data of all sensors of L-/ LB series:

Measuring data:

  • Absolute accuracy is better than 0.05%
  • Repeatability is better than 0.02%
  • Range of speed from 0 … 10,000 m/min
  • Maximum acceleration rate > 500 ms²
  • Test frequency 250 KHz
  • Max. output rate 25 KHz
  • Spot size 4 mm
  • Laser 620 – 690 nm, <20 mW, Laser class 3B, referred to EN60825-1:2001
  • Speed units: 0/min, ft/min
  • Length units: m, ft, yd

For application customization many options are available:

  • Support and several housings with 3 axes for fine adjustment and shock absorbtion

Laser Doppler mit speziellem Schutzgehäuse für heiße UmgebungenPeltierkühlgehäuse